Help for the victims of sexual assault

 If you have been the victim of rape or sexual assault you may need the following help: 


  • Reporting the matter to the police - over recent years police attitudes to allegations of rape and sexual assault have changed for the better. Should you chose to report your attack to the police then the sooner the better as this will allow the police to obtain forensic evidence which may help with any subsequent prosecution. If you contact the police ask to speak to the Sexual Offences Liaison Officer.


  • Attending a sexual assault referral centre - here you will find specialist medical and forensic services that are free of charge and available to all. Your attendance is in strict confidence and you need not have have spoken to the police to receive help at a referral centre. Any samples taken will be stored, so that should you later contact the police, there will still be some evidence for their investigations.



  • Obtaining medical assistance - if you don't have a forensic investigation you should seek medical advice in relation to any physical injuries, emergency contraception and sexually transmitted infections which may be relevant. Your visit to your doctor is completely confidential and they will not tell the police of the attack.


  • Speaking to organisations such as Rape Crisis - they can give practical advice on how to deal with issues arising from the attack, and should have specialist sexual violence counsellors available.



  • Seek legal advice - in addition to reporting the criminal act to the police you can make an application for an award of compensation to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This is a government funded organisation that makes payments to the victims of violent crime which  includes rape and sexual assault.


To see if you are eligible for an award get in touch with us today as our expertise, experience and knowledge can help you claim the award you deserve.


To discuss your claim in complete confidence and without any obligation get in touch with us today:


  • call Mike Massen on 0113 224 7804. We will listen in complete confidence and give you the best advice regarding your claim and how much you may be entitled to. We will answer all your questions so that you can decide if you wish to proceed with your application to the CICA. If you do; we are here for you and can help.

  • email your contact details with as much information as you want to give us, and we will call or email you; just let us know what works best for you. Email us at


Your claim can be dealt with on a No Win-No Fee basis so you don't have to worry about the cost of bringing your claim.


Here to help when you need us most.

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