Sexual assault away from your usual workplace setting

Some of the most common incidents of sexual assault by a colleague or management take place at a work-based conference or organised function. Often, these will involve alcohol. 


If you have been the victim of a sexual assault whilst on a course, conference or function then these can still be in the course of your employment. You may be entitled to claim compensation for the assault and subsequent psychological injury.


Just because you may have had a drink does not mean that you consented to sexual activity; if you did not consent and the third-party did not reasonably believe that you consented, then you have been the victim of a sexual assault.


The legal concept of vicarious liability enables you, in certain circumstances, to bring a claim against your employer for the actions of an employee. This allows you to make a claim for compensation from your employer`s insurers.

For a claim of this nature to be successful it will need to be shown that there is an abuse of position, privilege or power and there must be some degree of tie-in between the actions of the attacker and their employment. 


An example of an abuse of power is if a junior member of staff is plied with drink while at a work-sanctioned function and is then sexually assaulted by a senior member of staff then it could be said that they have abused their position and neglected in their duty to manage and ensure the well-being of junior staff members.  

In such a scenario a claim could be brought against the employers for the actions of the manager.

We are experts at dealing with such claims and have the experience and knowledge to ensure you obtain every penny of the compensation you deserve.

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What can you claim ?

Like any personal injury claim we would look to recover for you the maximum level of compensation. 

We would look to recover compensation for the upset and distress and any long-term psychological problems that may arise from the assault as well as any physical injuries you have sustained. These losses are known as 'General Damages'.

In addition we would look to recover all and any financial losses that you have incurred as a result of the assault. Such losses can include:

  • lost income for treatment/recovery as well as any future lost income

  • the cost of any treatment you may require

  • all and any other financial losses that may arise from the incident

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